Business Planning

Am I Growing or Going?                                                                                          ……Or Do I Need To Do Both?

  • Do you want to identify and prioritise your business, family and personal goals?
  • Do you want to gain an understanding of the growth and succession planning issues facing you and your business?
  • Do you want to complete a self assessment of your business performance and determine a value for your business?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions you need to complete a Business Plan!

What is Business Life Planning?

Business Life Planning is a proven process which enables you to develop clearly documented strategies and action plans taking into account all aspects of your life. Key features are:

  • A one on one workshop with one of our specialists
  • A simple process that ensures a complete assessment and consideration of your past, current and future position
  • Understanding of your business value today and in the future

Following the workshop, we will provide you with a personalised Business Plan report.

The report documents your journey, life changing events, financial performance, comparisons to best practice, growth and succession goals, action plans and time lines.

Better Business Programme

The Better Business programme is delivered in structured moduals and will take you through all aspects of planning in your business in a time frame that will suit you.

The Better Business Plan has pricing flexibility for each module of the program which offers cost effective delivery, particularly when working with smaller businesses or groups.


How to Start

Business owners who have completed their Business Plan or Better Business Programme are well underway to achieving their goals.

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