Business Valuation

Are you thinking about selling your business? Stop… Do you know the real value of your business?    

Is what you think your business is worth, the best sale price?

Is the price you’ve been offered the best offer?

Sellers Beware! If you or your Adviser under values your business then you may be in a position where you can’t afford to sell.  Worst still, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by accepting an offer well below the true value of your business.

Unsure about what to do?  Contact us for a demonstartion of  our revolutionary valuation technology.  The Business Capitalisation Rate Calculator determines the value of any business at a given point in time.  This technology, an Australiasian first, is giving sellers peace-of-mind as they know what their business is really worth before they sell.

Are you thinking about buying a business?

Want to work for yourself and be your own boss? Great! But how much are you prepared to pay for the opportunity? Do you know what the business your buying is worth? How have you determined a value for the business? Is the seller’s price more than you can afford to pay?

Buyers beware – don’t pay too much!

If you or your Adviser over values the business you are buying, you may be short of money before you start running the business. Buying a business is an emotional process. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

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