Knowledge Bank & Benchmarking

Benchmarking allows business owners to compare their performance to other “like” businesses and identify areas in which the business is performing well or needs improvement. 

SME Business & Farming Data

Our Knowledge Bank data goes far beyond benchmarking. With the support of our Alliance Partners we have been able to capture, analyse and produce comprehensive data on:

  • Trends in business conditions
  • What businesses are buying/selling for
  • Valuation multiples and apportionment details
  • Best practice statistics
  • Staff Survey & Program results to improve staff management
  • Valuation, value gap, succession planning case studies
  • Value adding action plans and business improvement strategies and MUCH MORE…

All Knowledge Bank data is validated prior to being included in report information.

Specialised Client Improvement Reports

Our Knowledge Bank will enable you to provide your clients with specialized business improvement reports.  You will be able to compare your client’s Knowledge Bank results to businesses in a similar industry, turnover/FTE range and location.

Promote your Knowledge

You will be able to use the Knowledge Bank information to provide your Association, Banking, Insurance and Law Partners with specialized reports to attract new clients.

 Benchmarking benefits for organisations:

  • Cash flow finance
  • Growth and succession planning

We offer benchmarking programs to industry organisations and their SME customers.
We have successfully completed benchmarking programs for retail and professional service industries including Grocery, Liquor, Jewellery, Accounting, Legal, Manufacturing, Construction and Financial Planning.

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